Price calculator coming soon! In the meantime, please contact me if you would like a quote.

Contact me to discuss your ideas for unique custom quilting designs especially for your own very special and heirloom quilt tops.

Full custom is also available for that special quilt but for a full quote on any level of quilting please contact me to discuss your requirements

* Light Custom includes any quilting with a separate design in the border, ruler work or quilting in specific places on your quilt

10 percent discount on Florence our Featured Pantograph for February, Surf. for March Midsummer, for April Wildflower in 2021

I can fulfil your wide wadding and wide backing requirements, (cut from the roll), please ask me for details, wide backing prices are from £15.00 per metre x 108 inches.

If you are supplying your own wadding and backing fabric please ensure that they are both at least 6 inches bigger than your quilt top, so if your top is 60 x 80 inches then your wadding and backing should be at least 66 x 86 inches, I need this extra to load your quilt and check thread tension.

Please trim any loose threads from the back of your top and press seams in the right direction ready for quilting. Pressing the seams in the right direction really does make a difference to the way I can finish your quilt especially if it is to be custom quilted. Hand piercers please press your work as you go, after all of your hard work it really does make a difference to your finished quilt.

Kay Bell, Borderline Quilter, The Edge, 27 Liddesdale Crescent, Hawick. TD9 0EX ~ Tel 01450 380 193

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